Frequently Asked Questions


We dig and divide starting the end of July through August.  Orders will be sent on a first come first served basis.  We always ship priority mail and suggest opening the box immediately and planting  ASAP. 

This is how your iris look when we send them.

general iris care

Just a GUIDE! Iris are one of the easiest and most forgiving plants to grow!

PLANTING:  Plant your new rhizomes as soon as possible. If you must wait, store them on a cool, dry place, spread apart for air circulation. DO NOT: soak in water, bind together with string or rubber bands, or store in the refrigerator.  Plant your iris with the rhizome covered about an inch. Do not cover any of the leaves (fans). Tamp down the soil, and water. Initially, we water every 3-4 days until the center fan starts to grow. This indicates that the roots have become established. Depending on your desired effect, plant approximately 12 - 24 inches apart. If you want an immediate clump, plant in groups of 2 - 3, toe to toe, 6 - 8 inches apart.

WHEN TO PLANT:  The best time to plant is July, August, or September. This is when they establish their root system. Please do water to keep the newly planted rhizomes MOIST, (not wet), especially if it’s very hot. Planting at least 6 weeks before your first frost is important. 

FERTILIZING:  Iris grow very well without any fertilizer, but will explode with bloom-stalks with an application of 6-10-10 or 6-20-20. Avoid fertilizers with a high nitrogen content.  Apply about 6 weeks before bloom. 

WATERING: Again, this depends on your climate. Generally, established iris do not need to be watered.  If you are conserving water, the iris will go dormant and get brown. With fall rains they will jump back to life!  

DIVIDING: This is best done at least a month after bloom. Every 3-4 years, dig clumps (we use a pitchfork), separate and discard the old (mother) rhizomes that have bloomed. Trim leaves on the new rhizomes down to 6 inches in a upside-down V shape. Trim root to about 4 inches. Replant.